Killing Time – an interview with Seth K from Auvergne’s MSORT8531 – MSOB63

Killing Time – an interview with Seth K from Auvergne’s MSORT8531 – MSOB63

Hailing from Auvergne, FranceSeth and his team of MARSOC inspired brothers, armed with a vast array of stunning photos of their kits and blasters.

Popularized by recent actions in Iraq, Afghanistan and all over the globe MARSOC have captured the imaginations of Airsofters and re-enactors the globe over. Further propelled by not one, but two published accounts by SSGT Michael GolembeskyLevel Zero Heroes and Dagger 22 detailing Dagger 22’s missions in Bala Murghab.
Subsequently, to legitimize MARSOC reenactment collectives Golembesky iniatated the MSORT project, which Seth Ketch and his team mates group belong, as MSORT8531MSOB63.

We thought it only too prudent to get him on here and talk through his influences, gears and kit and of course the obligatory 30 Rnd question, read on …

S23: Hey bro, thanks for coming aboard. Just to introduce yourself and set the scene, how’d you get started with and how have long you been playing Plastic Deth?

: First thank you for the invitation it is a pleasure. I started airsoft about eight years ago after having
discovered the past time in an internet report that faithfully showed fair play, good attitude and awesome replica

S23: When did you start gravitating towards Marine gears, specifically MARSOC impressions ?

: In 2013 After finishing my 75th Rangers 2009 setup, good friend Tiega showed me this famous photo of
Marines in 2012,  these operators in Woodland Cryes and JPC in Multicam, so I started to learn about the  unit. This immediately attracted me,  the mentality of the Corps and the aesthetics of the
outfits. In addition, at that time there was no one who was reenacting that period. Thus MSOB63 took

S23: Tell is about the MSORT community, which your team MSOB63 is part of ?

: The 5th MSORB project launched by Michael Golembesky aims to bring together teams that
reproduce MARSOC inspired outfits around the world together. Membership makes it possible to donate  funds each year to the Marine Support Group (the MARSOC Foundation).

You can find out more on the MARSOC foundation and support here:
It is an honor for us to
be part of this group that allows us to express all the respect that the reenactors have for the community we proudly represent as re-enactors, the real operators, we all forget too often it is good to remember. This is what motivated us to join this collective.

S23: Now, I’ve been highly impressed with your load out thus far, a highly detailed and personable representation of today’s Marines in MARSOC. It’s seen some evolution over the last year or so, explain to us that process and where your heading towards ?

: The equipment at MARSOC has evolved a lot in recent years according to their needs but also for
comfort, operability. We initially left the JPC (inspiration 2012) as it’s not always suitable for all the missions with
its far too low load carrying capacity and its discomfort when it is over loaded, that is why we then evolved
towards the period 2014 which offers a more Large selection of body armor and LBE ranging from the MBAV, CAGE
and CPC that suited them better for longer duration missions. Currently we are slowly progressing towards
a 2016 inspiration for the AVS kit.

S23: Whilst no less busy assembling gears, training with the team – when you’ve got time to get out, what’s the French Airsoft/MilSim like ?

: My vision, perception of MilSim in France is first of all a gathering of friends in front of a barbecue to talk
gear, but after that it is also a lot of role-play, immersion, various geography/topography according to our respective regions – but
also passionate  players.

: Building any load out can be a long drawn out process, from gathering reference material, information and subsequently collecting the gears and its assembly – what’s been perhaps the hardest part of it all and what advice would you give to novices looking to start a screen accurate load out ?

: Above all it takes patience, doing a lot of research, searching everywhere and asking an
an impressively vast number of questions. The ideal way is to make a photo library of reference material complete with descriptions, kit lists and
dates. After just do not get distracted and stay focused on your kit-list

S23: I was particularly enamored and captivated by MSOB63’s photo set training at ‘The Kill House‘. Evocative, stunning photography that really captures the visual spirit of MARSOC Marines. How important is training to you and your team as a collective, and how does that translate and effect performance in game ?

SK: We prefer structured team play which requires cohesion in the group. We work through a lot of
drill and scenarios. So that during the game it becomes intuitive and everyone knows what he has
to do to adapt and dominate as far as humanely possible in any given  situation. The MSOB63 works in the same as
an MSOT, for example each person on the team has a specific role. We have roles including Gunner, SARC, a JTAC, a
Marksman, a 40mm Grenadier, Rifleman and of course Sniper. We are trying to ensure that each of our
members can fulfill any of these roles in order to be able to adapt, improvise and overcome.

… devils in the detail …
… train hard, fight easy …

… squared away …
… just some of MSOB63’s arsenal of blasters …

S23: What plans do you and MSOB63 have for 2017 ?

: 2016 was a good year with really good OPs, a lot of new gear was acquired and the partnership with
ToySoldier and Gunfire. But, due to lack of time the year before, 2017 is already full of projects like to pass
the entire team on an inspection 2016 or the evolution of our channel Youtube to new formats of
video and I hope still do many more photo shoots.

Eagle MBAV and gears

: before we let you go, really appreciate you taking the time out to talk, obligatory last question I always like to ask (kind of a trademark), I’m a fan of 30 Rounds per mag, what’s your thoughts on this – could you see this perhaps bringing something new and fresh to game play if embraced by the masses ?

: … 30 rounds is not the ideal solution but low-caps, yes. It should not be forgotten that we only
play Airsoft, these projectiles are subjected to too many constraints (Wind, power,
range, trajectory and even the hop-up) so that the real capacities cant be used.

That’s why I only use low-caps. The constraints work for training drills, nothing beats the real-caps …

Seth’s MEU-SOC .45 as improved by Marine Armorers at Quantico’s PWS
… heavy metal …
Seth’s Block II Blaster …
You can see more of SK’a stunning MARSOC kits and keep up the rest of his team MSOB63 here:



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