Lionhearted – ‘That Brit Pierce’ interview

His current service has seen him on a several year deployment to the States. Despite being industriously occupied with his commitments abroad and a busy family home life ‘That Brit Pierce‘ wasn’t to be easily dissuaded from the pursuit of Plastic Deth.

Whilst deployed, he’s continued to offer an insiders view of Airsoft and MilSim in his own inimitable and endearing distinctly British everyday layman’s style.
All the whilst doing so he’s cheered on the blog, regularly dropping by to update us with his latest blaster builds, MilSim exploits and enthuse about his latest bit of kit.

As such, our man abroad has been tasked with the title of our very own ‘reporter’ and we thought we’d quiz him on what he’s been up to before returning once more to the United Kingdom.

… at MSW’s ‘Clash on the Steppes’ …

S23: Welcome aboard bro, huge thanks for taking time out to do this. How’s your deployment abroad been, no doubt an exciting adventure, both for work and the family ?
BP: One of the greatest adventures of my life I’d say. I’ve loved working with the US, sharing ideas and improving practices. The family have loved living abroad too. I’ve added a little American to the clan and so far, the kids have covered 18 states. It’s been amazing.

S23: Rewind a little bit, tell us about how you started Plastic Deth and bring us up to speed with where your at now ?
BP:  I bought my first airsoft rifle, a Tokyo Marui M4a1 in 2005 initially to stop junior soldiers asking me for cigarettes two days after payday. I was Paint Balling mainly then but when I moved to the US in 2013 I wanted to find a way to meet like minded individuals outside of work. A quick Google search found an Airsoft field locally and a store even closer. I popped in, bought a KWA CQB and some midcaps and went along to ACE Airsoft in Boulder City. The guys that ran the place were amazing and have become firm friends now. I love the demographic that plays in the States. The ex military guy, the youth with aspirations, the speedsofter, the casual player, the ex paintballer, all with different angles on the game. Once I’d found the local skirmish field, i was addicted. It has helped that Enola Gaye USA are local and I’ve been honoured to have the direction and support of Omar, Darren and Kris with my Airsoft and MilSim dream sheet. 

… Mk I ‘Beer Mat’ owner …

S23: Now, was it a conscious decision to continue playing Plastic Deth or more of a case of the opportunity presenting itself to do so, perhaps not something you’d of been able to do on former more fraught deployments (chuckles)?
BP: I’d definitely say previous deployments in other regions have lacked the lighthearted death by plastic spheres! 

I’ve had tours of Bosnia, Iraq and two of Afghanistan and the US is definitely more relaxed in the main! 

But, I’ve spent a lot of my deployed time working wth US units and that’s helped with breaking down barriers over here. The accent only takes me so far! I’ve even bumped into a guy who was a US Army Ranger I worked with in Afghanistan whilst ‘pew pew’ing’.

… Brit in the real Wild West …

S23: Do you find skill sets, knowledge and training acquired from your Real Steel employment translates well to Plastic Deth?
BP: Safe weapon handling has been for me the biggest translation to Airsoft. But small things like correct bergan packing, waterproofing gear, a good bivi, basic patrolling techniques, and simple terminology that have helped me with some of the more immersive MilSim events like Milsim West

S23: So, whilst abroad we’ve seen you attend a wide variety of MilSim West (MSW) events, regular skirmishes – how does the scene Stateside differ from here at home?
BP: I think the main differences is the entire culture behind Airsoft. The US has a huge real steel community and an admiration of their military not seen anywhere else in the world. This means the community is growing fast. It’s also less expensive to get started in the US from what I’ve seen. With this all together, it provides a starting block for those progressing to real steel with a non lethal training base. And it’s great fun for all. 

S23: Now, despite being exceptionally busy, you’ve nary missed a beat with some of your projects, including too incredible builds. Talk us through these two blasters?
BP: so the first is my L119a1 inspired KWA PTS ERG RM4. I bought this originally to compare to my Bolt BRSS M4 Recoil and it’s turned into my most reliable rifle. I used artistic license with a few details like the pistol grip and the rail, which is needed to house the fuse as the KAC hasn’t the space. It’s almost complete now. 

… one is none …
… two is one !!!

The Mk18 Mod 1 is built off of a VFC VR16 and is a solid performer. Minor mods include a Madbull TBB and flat hop but I’ve left the gearbox stock at the moment. All my guns are based on MilSpec as I’m firmly into my MilSim events over here. 

I’m hoping to run a squad of guys in Osprey, MTP and L85s later this year and it’ll give me a chance to use my Ares L85a2 UGL. Weighs a ton but what a beast! 
S23: You attended this years Shot Show, from your perspective what was it like to attend quite possibly the premier military, tactical and firearms trade show of the globe (anything that particularly caught your eye)
BP:  I was extremely grateful to H at BritKitUSA for letting my hang on his coattails for this years SHOT. I go every year for a day but to attend all week this year was an amazing experience. The KWA stand had some excellent new rifles coming, with allen key adjustable FPS and recoil strength. PTS’s 308 GBB looks amazing and I’ve been tempted to try and turn one into an L129 style rifle. LBX’s new Gen 2 uniforms are on my shopping list as well. But my highlight and a slightly biased one at that, is the EG67 coming over the pond. It’ll be a game changer for MilSim in the US I believe. 
S23: So, your due to return home very soon, what plans have you in place to continue Airsoft and MilSim?
BP: Well, on that. I’ve accepted an extension for another year so with 18 months left, I’m planning on my first American Milsim event over here in April as well as two more Milsim West events in the coming months as RUSFOR in March at Clovis, California and as part of Blue Diamond Group Marine impression group for Washington. But on my return, I’m excited by the prospect of MilSim in the UK and Europe. Combat Airsoft Group events are on my list as is Berget.

 I had a great time last December at Apocalypse Airsoft in Kent and I’m looking forward to skirmishing at locations all over the UK. I’m open to suggestions!

… Mk II ‘Beer Mat’ owner …

S23: … before we let you go, really appreciate you taking the time out to talk, obligatory last question I always like to ask (kind of a trademark), I’m a fan of 30 Rounds per mag, what’s your thoughts on this – could you see this perhaps bringing something new and fresh to game play if embraced by the masses ?
BP: My KWA RM4 has selectable 30/60 round mags and you cannot beat the training benefits of switching 30 rounds and having the mindset ‘every one counts’!

Huge thanks to Brit for his stellar turn in the interview chair, know doubt we’ll have him back on here very soon – S23

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