Clerks – an interview with V01 from Task Force Copperhead

Clerks – an interview with V01 from Task Force Copperhead

‘I’m not even supposed to be here today!’Dante Hicks

Subtlety aside, we were meant to be on a break, but when you’ve got to go to work …

We’ve had V01 and V02 on here, talking respectively about their Plastic Deth history and some of their kit.

In some form or another these guys, have been around the block, in some cases for nearly over a decade, both on the field and within the industry.

Keen exponents of Plastic Deth, wether it be a regular skirmish or a larger more immersive MilSim, they like you have no end of enthusiasm for the hobby.

So, it’s been awhile, and as such, with a few recent developments we’d stop by and see what Task Force Copperhead have been up to.

S23: Welcome aboard, good to have you back again. You’ve been busy with a slew of events and a plethora of new kit recently showcased online – but, before we talk through that, tell us a little about Copperhead and it’s formation ?

: Copperhead started really without much thought or fanfare. Having come out of retirement and returned to my Wannabe ways, I had started playing together with V-02 on a fairly regular basis. One day he said ‘let’s start a team’ and that was that. Since then we’ve grown to five in number and are very much about fun and gear. 

We’re all geardos at heart but we want the team to work well together and improve on their game as well.

: I spotted your recently acquired Dragon Red ‘hydro-dipped’ Multicam Ops CoreBallistic Cut‘ replica. I’m a fan of Dragon Red’s Premium variants, owning an Airframe and formerly a ‘Ballistic Cut‘ too. Why the upgrade and how’ve you chosen to set it up ?

: The Ops Core was actually an additional acquisition rather than an upgrade or replacement. It was driven by a combination of practicality and as well as detail for the loadout. 

In getting the bits together for my NODs I hastily bought an FMA Maritime as they weren’t compatible with the ANVIS mount on my AirFrame

It served it’s purpose for a while but then when recent pictures of D-Boys surfaced wearing the Ops Core High Cut helmets I pulled the trigger on the Dragon Red

Since all the ‘picture perfect’ accoutrements are either unobtainable or way out of budget, it’s a very practical set up with a geardo flavour to do what I need for fighting in the dark.

: I found with how I prefer to configure my Act in Black Lunox monocular NVG both the Ballistic and Maritime cut helmets give a preferable and unparalleled eye relief over the Airframe – how’ve you got with your current configuration ?

: I’ve not had the opportunity to try the Lunox on my AirFrame due to the aforementioned ANVIS hardware, but in typical fashion I’ve spent more than double what I needed to before arriving at my current setup. I would guess that the steep angle on the front of the AirFrame and the lack of height adjustment on the Rhino are leading to your eye relief problems. In most aspects all the Wilcox hardware is a joy to use, solid and easy to operate. 

However, I’m lucky that I can get the eye relief as it won’t come any further back when I have it set and many people using these components can’t get it far enough back.

: Now, you too have opted for the Lunox, I’ve extolled its virtues and performance no end, but I’m interested to hear how you and the team are getting with your sets ?

: We’re all as happy as we can be with monoculars. It’s cliche I know but after running our Mk I eyeballs at several events with the rest of CTF226, they have been a game-changer. Being able to navigate and engage targets in the dark without giving advertising your position for miles is a great tactical advantage. 

Especially for players in the UK, they are a relatively easy and risk-free way to acquire night vision that is compatible with commonly used military mounts. 

It’s much more difficult to get quality hardware for the civilian dovetail mounts.

S23: What other accessories and equipment are you utilizing to work alongside and enhance its employment ?

: We’re all now running the ubiquitous Wilcox L4 G24 on Wilcox or Ops Core shrouds and either Wilcox PVS-14 Arms or Norotos Dual Dovetail Adapters, these greatly enhance the experience over older Rhino mounts and standard issue j-arms. 

They give more axis of adjustment and the improved tolerances and rigidity means the unit stays where you want it.

 I think many people fail to realise the device itself is only part of a system. Apart from the mounts and shrouds there’s also aiming and illumination to think about if you want to do anything more than taking a stroll in the dark. 

To that end I’m currently using a G&P DBAL on my rifle for aiming and target ID, a Princeton Tec Switch on the helmet for map reading and other admin tasks and the S&S V-Lite for friendly marking.

: You’ve always had a great observation and understanding when setting up your load outs, undoubtedly research and patience is key. Visually the end result is invariably an aesthetically pleasing one, but what rules and lessons have you picked up along the way that really drive functionality ?

V01: I guess my number one rule is ‘suck it and see’. I could sit for hours planning how to set up my gear, deliberate with a teammate, or even get dressed up in my living room but I never know if something really works until it’s been tried in-game under stress. 

The second, very closely related is ‘iterate and improve’, through use, you will find the little niggles and big problems. Go home, think about it then think of the next iteration to try next time. Lastly is that the word ‘best’ should always be followed by ‘for who’ and ‘for what’ and that you will never get there.

: Now, when ever we get a chance to meet up, or hang out we’ve usually no end of cool gear we’ve acquired or seen to discuss. What’s on new or on the horizon for you ?

:  I recently sold off my CPC as I’ve pretty much using the JPC 2.0 exclusively for the past year or so, it’s going to be replaced with an AVS for which I’ve already got most of the parts sitting in their packets. I’m hoping it’s going to replicate the load carrying capability of the CPC whilst shedding some bulk. Over the horizon and beyond, I’m looking to pick up genuine Helstar 6 and then work on procuring a set of dual tube NODs.

: I’ve spotted a slew of great photos from you, and other Copperhead teammates at Pariah Airsoft’s multi-decked boat moored just off the Thames. What’s that like to play out as a team ?

: It’s certainly unique! Although the setup is a little skirmishy with a fair amount of sackcloth and felt stretched between pillars, I think it’s a great venue for honing CQB skills under pressure. 

Despite it’s small size there’s enough complexity to let the games flow at a fast pace. You also never forget where you are with the views and the list at low tide.

: Rather than finish up with the obligatory trade mark question, we’ll close out with a little advice. What’s the best way to start out a good practical load out, form or function what should new entrants really be focusing on ?

: Given my brief education in design and engineering, I’m a strong believer that form follows function. Even with my own CAG inspired loadout I strive for practicality and efficiency within its confines. There is a bewildering array of pouches, platforms and clothing out there now and it’s only increasing. The advice I give to anyone starting out is to play the game before splashing your cash. I went to my first game of airsoft in a set of faded surplus BDUs, a TM M16 and spare HiCap in my pocket. Form is probably the first thing you will have to go on, seeing what other players are using on the internet and at events. As you start buying your own kit and using it, keep an open mind and then run through the rules I mentioned above. Eventually, you will find what works for you.

Huge thanks to V01 turning in what I’m sure you’ll agree is a stellar interview, check out more on Copperheads exploits at the links below – S23




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