Rules – Strike Force Energy Spotlight

Rules – Strike Force Energy Spotlight

Recently, good friend Richard over at Allied Risk Equipment Consulting reached out to us and got in touch.

Check em’ out:

Over an hour long phone call later, we’d covered the state of gear innovation within the industry, markets perhaps over looked by the tactical gear trade, jackets and soft shells, and how many is too many …
Suffice to say, he’s an articulate soul, very knowledgeable and I was humbled by his enthusiasm for our own little DIY project, this very blog.
I’m hopefully positive, we’ll undoubtedly collaborate in the future, and whilst I’m sworn to secrecy he has some very exciting projects coming up in the not so distant future.

In the meantime, as he sent down some samples to try out – we’ll take a look at Strike Force Energy Supplements.

What The Hell Are These

Rather than regurgitate company type and print, thus really do nothing other than running a photostat of what’s already in online – I thought I’d have a stab at really just giving you my honest impression and opinion.
Perhaps, possibly the best reflection in part, of the conversation I had with Rich from Allied Risk

So, what the hell are these things.
Essentially, an energy gel in a small foil sachet, which when added to 1/2 (16.9 oz) liter of water provides a consumable effervescent beverage to give you a boost to push beyond that wall or fight fatigue.

Made from nothing other than water, with a little Caffeine, B6, B12 and Niacin each 160g serving contains no sugars or calories …

How Best to Use

In the first instance it’s simply added to water, where it dissolves leaving no crystals or syrupy residue, almost instantaneously. It gives the water a fizzy effervescence, I can only propagate that assists with when consumed it’s digestion and subsequent energy release.

The standard packs I have whilst sweet, have a sour citrus/apple flavor which is by no means unpalatable and when added to the correct amount of water is not overpowering in taste.
No need to shake or stir, and the only item left for disposal is the small sachet. So, no more cans, tubs or bottles of energy drinks – needlessly taking up space in pockets, jackets or kit bags. In fact I like that these can be stashed in and around a variety of every day apparel, kit bags, day sacks and even Plate Carriers.

Does it Work
For me yes, however – and here’s the caveat. I drink a lot of coffee (no surprise) so I put some thought to how, when and where I decided to use it …
First application was during breakfast, I decided prior to eating to prepare a solution and consume a third before, during and after breakfast. Subsequently undertaking a short mile and half run, I returned refreshed and otherwise good to go for the remainder of the morning.
Whilst hardly the ultimate test in the first instance I certainly noticed less fatigue, or overall ‘resistance’ during exercise and certainly no ill effects.

… everyday carry …
I’ve since used it, predominantly as an on off occasional flavoring to the liter of water I consume, as carried in my day sack. Working odd shifts, extended duties often sees fatigue set in at the end and particularly on long journeys home. 

IFAK – Hydrate or Die !!!

Here, drawing a fresh bottle of water and emptying in a sachet of Strike Force has been a welcome and refreshing alternative to my usual late night coffee – essentially, encouraging the consumption of more water can be no bad thing too …  
It’s here, I’ve arrived home feeling a little more alert, cognitively aware and less groggy and fatigued.
Now, the real test came when undertaking routine heavy exercise and here I found a palpable difference, and for the better too …
Making up a solution I consumed a third before exercise, a third during and third post exercise whilst cooling down. 
Here, remarkably there was a markedly noticeable improvement in performance, marginal as it was but I felt more physically inclined to participate and give extra effort to what usually when tired is observed as ‘chore’.


In conclusion, these – perhaps like a pack of gum, a confectionary bar, or even some other snack are an incredibly welcome addition to your kit bag. 

Ammo for the body and mind !!!

Moreover, they’ve become along with my other Every Day Carry (EDC) items a permanent inclusionary item.
I’ve put one in virtually every jacket, sleeve pocket, a handful in each day sack and one sits in every admin pouch on both plate carriers and IFAK’s

Why, purely because – I can recall all to often waiting far from anywhere to get food or a hot coffee, and as I regularly have a bottled water or two with me everywhere I go, these, when fatigue sets in are truly invaluable – S23

You can order direct from Strike Force and if you use the checkout code ALLIEDRISK20 they get 20% off order (does not include shipping) this can be used store wise as many times as you like. (You can order direct from Strike Force and if you use the checkout code ALLIEDRISK20 they get 20% off order (does not include shipping) this can be used store wise as many times as you like.
Catch up with Strike Force here:




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