ToySoldier CP Style G3 M81 (Woodland) Shirt Spotlight

ToySoldier CP Style G3 M81 (Woodland) Shirt Spotlight

Three Years On

Almost over three years ago, way back in the very earliest and tentative steps of the blog, I ran up review of ToySoldier’s CP style G3 pants in M81.

Toy Soldier G3 M81 (Woodland) ‘Crye Style Pants’

I had every intention of doing a redux’d review – but chose not to. Suffice to say, purely because after nearly three years of wear, tear and abuse they are going as strong today as they did upon purchase …

Yup, no rips, tears – complete with functional zippers and Velcro. More importantly, after washing the material too, has not overly faded or distressed.

If I had one grumble it is that the Velcro has lightened, only ever so slightly, however it could equally be said that only further adds to its  salty charm …


Well, as bad luck would have it – ToySoldier, riding the wave of the then populist interest on MARSOC, undoubtedly inspired by their exploits in Afghanistan as thrillingly recounted in SSGTGolembesky’s books Level Zero Heroes and its follow up Dagger 22 – both G2 and G3 variants sold out in double time …

As I understand it, neither pants or shirts have yet to be reproduced. Not by any means waving a dismissive finger at other manufacturers, but from what I’d personally observed was that either the patterning was off or oversized, wrong in coloration or used incorrect colored tweave or missed features off as per the original G3Crye Originals‘ …


Now, memory has faded, and whilst I’m sure someone will possibly inform me otherwise – MARSOC prior to deployment and embedding with their AfghanNational Army (ANA) Counterparts – adopted M81 to blend in with indigenous personnel, even adopting the troops ‘Afghan Commando‘ insignia …

However, perhaps to reflect the newly resurrected ‘MarineRaiders‘ who’d now become part of the United States SpecialOperations community, they requisitioned variants of Crye’s G3 pants and tops to be produced in M81.


That, in broad terms is very loosely how the story goes …

ToySoldier G3 Shirt

ToySoldier produced two shirts, both in M81 – both in G2 and G3 cuts.

I’ll observe that there appeared to be little difference between either, the G2 appearing to take the ‘field inserts’ on the arms and having the double vertical bars on the shoulder pockets …

ToySoldier’s G2 shirt

However, with a huge thank you to former  DOE team mate, S24 I recently acquired the G3 variant.

Features and Specifications

MadefromREAL US Woodland 50/50 NYCO M81 and cotton/polyester mix torso this, quite frankly is a frighteningly faithful reproduction of the original. I say reproduction as opposed replica, as it really is aside from tags and Cryes obligatory left sleeve pocket tag, truly a stunning carbon copy.

With its shoulders, arms and collar sporting genuine M81 NYCO and cotton polyester mix for the torso in flat olive drab – its generously,  stictched and tailored through out with accurate attention to detail. The collar is zippered using a YKK mini zipper

Cuffs sport Velcro closures, although undoubtedly they’ll get rolled squarely into ‘hero sleeves’ …

Arms are reinforced with additional M81 material, which too has a Velcro’d opening to take Crye’s ‘field inserts’.

Both left and right pockets are vertically velcro’d on the body of pocket and closure, naturally for sporting Flags, Unit Patches, IR and ID patches.

… hero sleeves …

The left pocket, has loop facing the front torso, running vertically alongside the pocket, ideal for pens or chem lights.

Additionally the left pocket closure, features a stictched slot, again, presumably for pens …
Both pockets are partitioned, a great improvement on the ACG2‘ shirt, and allows for a little more storage organization.

The sleeves inner facing side is also gusseted, with the same cotton/polyester mix – giving a more generously flexible and less prohibitive wear as opposed the starchy M81 NYCO.

So, again a warm heartfelt thank you to S24 making this happen. Fingers crossed, ToySoldier put these into production once more, whilst I’m undoubtedly biased and loyal to years of use of ToySoldiers excellent gears and accessories. I can say with some authority and integrity these really are comparable to their real steel sets …

Already, I’ve seen these fetch a fair price on auction sites, albeit not as extortionate as the Crye or DriFire sets, but highly collectible and sought after none the less – S23

**HERE IT IS – PREVIEW OF THE Mk 1.5 ‘Beer Mat’ 2018 4th Anniversary Patch**

S23 FAMILIA Mk 1.5 ‘Beer Mat’ 2018 4th Anniversary Edtn.

Qty Remaining: 54


Pre Order the classic ‘Beer Mat’ Cloth Patch – now, new, improved, and rejuvenated for 2018 we are proud to offer the limited Mk 1.5 ‘Beer Mat’ classic edition for 2018. Strictly Limited run to only 100 pieces, only a maximum of two patches per order – never to be repeated.

This is a redesigned variant of the original Mk I ‘Beer Mat’ originally produced by ToySoldier for us, which was subsequently put out as a ‘give away’ – the original patches went as far as Finland, Norway, Japan, Australia, United States, Canada, Germany, France, Belgium, Denmark, Poland, Sweden and of course all over the United Kingdom – S23

S23 is proudly sponsored by ToySoldier:

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