Painkiller – Dan S from Red Troop gives an account of Ambush Adventures   Longmoor Event

Painkiller – Dan S from Red Troop gives an account ofAmbush Adventures  Longmoor Event


I had the good fortune and pleasure of befriending Dan S from Red Troop a few years back, if memory serves on the 4th or 5th outing leading TF Viper at the Ai500.
I distinctly recall talking all thing Marui and NGRS as we swapped notes on blasters and admiringly snapped a few phot’s of his awesome blasters.

Well, suffice to say over the years since Dan has not only become a good friend and a long time supporter of the blog, and I all too frequently enjoy his updates and little pieces on all things Plastic Deth on both the Red Troop page and naturally his IG feed.

He recently enquired if I’d be attending an upcoming event at Longmoor FIBUA training camp, lamentably, I was thwarted from doing so due to yet more cancelled rest days …
So we invited Dan to document his exploits, better yet whilst alongside other luminaries from the blog, Diablo, Gray Fox and Cobalt, collectively formed here as CTF226.


Getting up at 05:00 Hrs isn’t how I’d usually choose to spend my Sunday morning, but sometimes the game your attending makes it worthwhile. I was invited by a friend of mine, James (C12 from Cobalt) to play at Longmoor with Ambush Adventures alongside the collective of teams known at CTF226 or as they jokingly refer to themselves ‘The Pain Train‘. 

I’ve met a lot of the guys from Cobalt and Diablo from previous games so it was nice to have a reasonable sized group to be playing with, as I’m a firm believer that Airsoft is about those you play with and against …
A game can be whatever you want it to be if your with the right people. As for the site, Longmoor is a site I’ve been to a couple of times before and it has never failed to impress me, although its not a perfect site for Airsoft as some of the open ground can make assaulting buidings a real challenge. 
We arrived on site at around 08:30 Hrs and were shepherded into the FOB area to park up and get our gear ready, this also acted as a safezone throughout the day and was home to a small selection of stock the guys at Socom Tactical had brought down for sale.
I stocked up on a few extra flashbangs and smokes and then headed back to my car to do those final touches that never seem to get sorted until your on site …

Safety Brief

Radios programmed in, Comm’s tested and final pat downs and adjustments made to belts and straps. We grabbed our gear and headed to the safety brief. Safety briefs are something I have a love/hate relationship with …
Pretty much all the information isn’t often news to most Airsofters and generally the essential and site specific stuff is available in an event page or a warn off/pre-mission pack (as per Stirling Events) …
However, they are something you can’t really avoid and I generally try and just listen and not ask too many stupid questions. The Ambush Adventures brief was around 20 minutes long and included a few photos and videos to give examples and keep people entertained. Once the brief was out of the way we grabbed our kit and made our way to the bottom end of the village for our ‘re-gen’ point to dump our day sacks and grab bags, unfortunately we had longer to walk and either through a comms error or an eagerness to begin, we ended up being caught in the middle of a firefight halfway to our start point. 
The first game was a warm up, something i’ve not encountered at a ‘MilSim‘ game before, although I didnt have any misconceptions about this being anything more than an objective based skirmish at a good site run by a very experienced team. 

The defining characteristic for me at a MilSim is that the stucture of an event is geared towards the tension and the anticipation of a good firefight rather than just wading in straight away, this event was always quite clearly going to be a battle of attrition from the moment game on was called. 

Assaulters Up

With this in our heads, myself and the guys from CTF226 (This time made up of Cobalt, Gray Fox and Diablo) we decided that to win the day we had to deny the use of the village to the opposition – and with the buildings near the railway being key to holding the whole area, we pushed in. 

Easier said than done as it turns out, the other team had set up in the very first set of buildings and were raining fire down on us from the moment we were in range. We decided that flanking to the right and taking over those buildings would give us freedom of movement along all three lines of housing and the adjoining gardens and alleyways. 
After gaining access to these buildings a few of us pushed forward to take the furthest line of houses, although with limited access points we had to make use of the windows and hoisting guys over the eight foot walls to gain access throught the gardens. I was massively impressed by the holes these guys could squeeze themselves through and on a number of occasions we came up behind the unsuspecting enemy and cleared them out the buildings. 
Throughout the morning we moved back and forth between re gen and the contested buildings and although the hit taking wasnt perfect, there was a slight breeze that could have accounted for some of the longer shots missing their mark. The marshals were always around but never in the way. 


The weather started to get warmer and warmer throughout the morning and I managed to get though my entire hydration bladder before we were called to ceasefire for lunch at roughly 13:00 Hrs. 

I had packed a small lunch but the smell of Pulled Pork rolls wafting through the air grabbed my attention (no surprise to anyone who knows me). Lunch was a whole hour, I feel this really cut into the amount of game time we had, and although I’m sure my body was grateful for the rest and time to grab another couple of pints of water I think 30 minutes would have been plenty.
After lunch, we made our way back to the regen point and I decided to cut down on the kit I was carrying. I had barely managed to keep up with the other guys in the morning, and my plate carrier had caused a few issues getting through mouseholes etc …

Gear Change

A quick swap to a Haley Stategic D3CR and simply mounting my holster on my trouser belt really lightened to the load, although I had to make some hard decisions about what I could carry. In the end, my afternoon loadout consisted of 5 PMAGs, 3 glock mags, comms, 4 smokes and a few frags chucked into cargo pockets. It wasnt perfect but I knew it would allow me though smaller gaps and make crossing that openground a lot quicker, It would also make storming buildings quite painful unless i got the drop on them. The remainder of the afternoon we ended up being cut into 2/3 units due to high numbers of casualties returned to re gen, although having effective comms meant that we could effectively inform each other of friendly and enemy positions. 
The gameplay had slowed down a little by this point and generally we were holding buildings and denying their use to the other team, something that was pretty simple as most people had become a lot slower and I suspect a few had mild dehydration and thus were not performing as well as they could have been.


At 16:30 Hrs game over was called, this was a touch early in my opinion as with the lunch break of an hour and the late start in the morning it had cut us to just 4 hours of gameplay. Having said that, the late start wasnt completely their fault and they did try and get everyone sorted and ready to go as soon as possible. There was even a case of at least two players being turned away after the gate closure at 09:30 Hrs, very unfortunate for the guys involved but it does show that they were trying to stick to their published schedule. All in, the walk on was £40 which I feel was worth it for the game I played.  

Final Words

Would I recommend the site? Absolutely. Would I recommend the Event team – yes, but as with all events, make sure you know in your head what type of game this is and have a clear idea of what you want to get out of it. I went into the game with a simple objective …
Storm buildings, shoot people and have good fun with some likeminded people, I was happy at the end of the day because I had accomplished all three of my objectives. I dont know which team won that day, nor do I really care … 
If it was part of a storyline I had invested time and energy into such as Infiltration’s “DystopianSim” or Stirling Airsoft’s ongoing “Chadistan” conflict I might have fought harder for the greater good, but without the groundwork there I simply wanted to put all those expensive toys to use and play Plastic Deth!

My thanks to Diablo, Cobalt and Gray Fox for allowing me to join them for the day, also to Bob and Doug from Reading Gunners who it was nice to catch up with. The event staff for running in my opinion a sucessful day and finally to my wife, for not killing me after waking her up at 05:00 Hrs – Dan S

(**additional photography courtesy of Gray Fox, Diablo and Cobalt**)

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