True School – an interview with Airsoft Today’s Stephan van H

True School – an interview with Airsoft Today’s Stephan van H

A few months back I had the opportunity to be interviewed by fellow columnist Stephan from Airsoft Today.

Much like pieces written for No Nonsense Airsoft and Tactical Two, both proved to be and provided a great outlet for reflection, introspection and an over view my years spent playing ‘Plastic Deth‘.
In turn it’s always great to repay the favor, and as such sharing a similar ethos and passion for the past time we’ve brought aboard Airsoft Today’s Stephan for an interview …

S23: Stephan, welcome aboard and thanks for taking time out to write an interview for us.
How’d did you get started with ‘Plastic Deth‘ ?
AT: I started four years ago, when it went legal here in the Netherlands. But I was always fascinated by Plastic DethAirsoft‘ and also the whole thing around the Armed Forces. But for that it’s to late now. I had started the training for the Royal Dutch Navy two years ago, but I dropped out for personal reasons. Not that I hate the Navy and all the things that came with it. But to return to the question, I starterd with Plastic Deth in 2013.
S23: What does Plastic DethAirsoft‘ mean to you, what’s the ethos behind it that drives you to participate and explore the community?
AT: Airsoft for me is a way to get to know new and reach more likeminded people. People who have the same interest as I do. Having fun beside’s the game, but when the game starts I’m serious and always want to push myself and learn more. Beside’s that, it’s also Airsoft Today that drives me.
S23: So, you’ve launched what has become in a very short space of time, a successful blog, what was essentially the inspiration for this ?
AT: Indeed in a very short space of time. I’ve started Airsoft Today in May 2015. With the idea to let people know what my opninion is about Plastic Deth, which blasters I use and why, but especially that the past time doesn’t have to be as expensive as people think it is. I want to let people see what Plastic Deth is and let them also get to know people from all over the world who play our game. Not only hardcore people, but also average people who do this because they just like it.
S23: Now, as I’m sure you’ve gathered over here on the S23 blog, we are big fans of gears, kits and load outs – talk us through what your using, what’s the driving influence behind the gears you’ve set up ?
AT: Well, when I started with Plastic Deth I started with the most common load out here in the Netherland, thats NLD DPM (the gear our armed forces wear). After that I started to creat my own thing. Really fast after the NLD DPM load out I got a PMC kit. Just because I like to have different sets of gear, so I can switch. Today, I’ve bought a US Woodland (MK18) load out with a Tan plate carrier, The Warrior Assault Systems Recon PC. I just love that piece of kit! It’s durable and is very comfortable. Beside’s that, it’s also very easy to change load outs with this Plate Carrier. 

S23: Following up that question, what can you tell us about your blaster platforms, are the your preferred choice which best suit your playing style ?
AT: In the four years I’ve been playing Plastic Deth I’ve have different kinds of blasters. But always stayed with the M4 platform. I’ve have different kinds of M4’s, like some of APS. But right now I have two main blasters. Those are the VFC HK416 CQB and the VFC Scar-H MK17 (which you can see on the photo’s). 

Those are my choice’s for in the field. Beside’s that I also have a number of side-arms, like the P226 from Cybergun (CO2), the 1911 100th Year Edition from Colt (CO2), a TM High Capa Goldmatch (Greengas), an WE G17 Gold Custom (Greengas) and the newest member of the family, the Dan Wesson 715 (CO2). It depends which field I’m playing on that day on which side-arm I will bring with me.

S23: So, what’s the preferred style of play in your home country, is skirmish orientated or does it lean more towards the more immersive MilSim style, do you have a preference – I’m personally happy to participate in either …
AT: Mostly I play Skirmish orientated games. But I’m trying to get a bit more to the immersive MilSim style. Not that I want it right now, but more like step by step you know. I don’t have the money to buy all the gear at the same time, so I buy it when I can afford it. Plus MilSim style is more challenging for me. A lot of guys I know play MilSim style, so I can get a lot of information and tips from them.

S23: What plans do you have for the remainder of the year, new gears or blasters, any big events on the horizon ?
AT: This year I really want to get Airsoft Today ( and give the followers and readers more stuff to read and to enjoy. Think about movie’s from games. But also interviews with field owners, teams and other people who are involved in our sport. I want to grow in the world of Plastic DethAirsoft‘. For gears or blasters I’m also looking for new and interesting stuff. A team mate and I are busy building a new loadout, maybe good for CQB. And I’m always on the lookout for awsome blasters. For the big events part I don’t have a lot of things for this year. I’ve been asked by friends of mine to join them at Border War in Czech Republic this year. And I also have plans to go to the US and the UK, but that’s a thing for in the future. 
S23: Airsoft is a very fluid and tempestuous community at the best of times. Recently, its exploded exponentially in popularity – has it perhaps reached a saturation point, where do you see its future heading ?

AT: I like it our past time gets more publicity. Especially here in the Netherlands. I always respect everyone who plays our hobby. But one thing what I want to say to the community, especially the young ones who think it’s just awsome to have a blaster which looks like the real deal. When you start playing Airsoft and you buy a blaster you like, you’ll have a responsibility to the people from our community and to the people who aren’t. Especially in these uncertain times. Beside’s that, just enjoy our game! Fair play first, it’s a gentlemans game! 

S23: … Really appreciate you taking the time out to talk, obligatory last question I always like to ask (kind of a trademark), I’m a fan of 30 Rounds per mag, what’s your thoughts on this – could you see this perhaps bringing something new and fresh to game play if embraced by the masses ?

AT: Everyone in the world of Plastic DethAirsoft‘ has his/her own oppinion about this indeed. Some people choose for the high-cap magazine’s, mostly because it cost less money. I also started with high-cap magazine’s. But nowadays I switched to mid-cap magazine’s, because it makes far less sound when you run in the field and it gives more realism. Maybe the next step will be real-caps, but that’s a thing for the future. Just choose what you like!
I want to thank you for letting me do this interview. Keep up the great work your doing brother. Enjoy our hobby! StephanAirsoft Today

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