Fortune Favors The Brave – Project Delta Whiskey Tailored Tee and Contractor Ball Cap Spotlight

Fortune Favors The Brave – Project Delta Whiskey Tailored Tee and Contractor Ball Cap Spotlight

Let me start at the beginning.
It’s important I do so, as I do not give my patronage or endorsement freely to something I just don’t believe in.

I recall firmly, nearly a year ago stumbling across the Project Delta Whiskey page, and frankly, in all honesty it initially went a little over my head.

Sure, the quality and passion was instantly recognizable, coupled with some really good photography and impeccable design – I just didn’t get it …

Still, around the time of releasing our second wave of S23 ‘beer mats’ Dan W from Project Delta Whiskey sent me a very cool letter, not only explaining the ethos behind PDW but their mission. 

The penny really started to drop, and here I got the DIY ethic behind PDW and more importantly believed they’ve got something really credible to offer.

As it then stood we swapped out patches for a shirt. Instantly, I was struck not only by the power of the simplicity of the design, but the quality.
High end washable screen printed shirts, with great fit and form – which, nearly some six months on my ‘Gen I’ PDW classic, after no considerable abuse on and off the field – is still like new in appearance.

So, since then – forever evolving and looking to develop and offer even better quality apparel, utilizing the latest screen printing technology and offering even superior fabrics – PDW sent out their newest generation flag ship shirt and – ball cap too …

Fortune Favors The Brave

had previously talked me through plans for their second generation shirts.
Sure, it’s shirt shaped in appearance, right ?
Not quite, new fabric – 65% Cotton and 35% Elastane has this time been optioned. This makes for a softer less abrasive wear, and whilst predominantly Cotton, it’s Stretch not only allows for a more comfortable wear it only furthers the shirt in holding its fit and form when worn.

This is also their first ‘tailored fit’ shirt, which whilst subtle on closet inspection shows a few differences over their older standard tee cut.
Stopping short of just over the belt line, and with a slighter tapered waist and broader cut across the chest and lateral torso proves aesthetically a more dynamic fit and form.
The sleeves, whilst slightly closer fitting to the upper arm retain that classic above elbow height.

Perhaps a little over engineered for everyday wear, but if transitioning off the street, be it work, the gym or even on the field – Plastic Deth or Real Steel it’s an aggressive athletic cut that really shines and performs without prohibiting movement or overheating.

Now, let’s not forget – simplicity is key here, but with PDW’s center left brand name neatly signature’d on the front, mini skull on the right arm and, the very striking ‘barber shop’ styling on the back ‘fortune favors the brave’ it’s classy not classic and oozes contemporary confidence.

I’m a t-shirt fan since forever and proudly welcome this to my never ending collection of favorites.

PDW ‘Contractor’ Ball Cap

I had a longstanding love/hate relationship with ‘ball caps’ opting for the more fitted form of snap backs or ‘high profile’ fitted cut of New Era’s 59/Fifty …
Still, Dan encouraged me they’d select a variant that offered a more flattering and functionally wearable option – and who was I to argue.
Strikingly, on appearance I was immediately impressed with the ‘reconstituted’ and washed appearance.

 It certainly made for a more ‘low profile’ aesthetic – that regular guy ideal certainly appealed.
However, tradition and preferred fit initially made me put it briefly to one side whilst I went off to get some coffee …

Having left the brim to be shaped, I gave it another wear, and was here taken by the fact I’d missed something. It’s lower profile slightly higher cut headband was not only conducive to eye pro but ear pro too.

Whilst subtle enough to be worn everyday, here I saw an application beyond the street and transitioning onto the field, wether be training or in game.

It’s softer less defined form also makes easier to store, either in a bellowed pocket or day sack, even pouch at a push without crushing or dramatically changing its shape.

Produced in Caps: 63% Polyester, 34% Cotton, 3% Spandex with PDW’s skull on the front you can option either ‘stealth black’ or the classically fatigued ‘coyote brown’ variant – I’d certainly not mind seeing an OD variant …

It’s here, I give PDW’s cap deservedly, a thumbs up – as previous purchases really just didn’t measure up or I didn’t feel comfortable wearing them, PDW’s solid iteration of the venerable ball cap has certainly changed that f’sureS23

Check out PDW’s Web Store here and keep updated with news and new products on their FB and IG accounts here:




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**Project Delta Whiskey & S23FAMILIA PTW Collaboration T-Shirt ‘Fortune Favors The Brave’ Now Availble** Available now in S, M, L, XL, and 2XL in Black or Grey:

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