S23 ‘Plastic Deth’ – Life Hacks Pt. I

S23 ‘Plastic Deth’ – Life Hacks Pt. I


… pull tabs …

Part born from a conversation with top man Richard B from Allied Risk Equipment and desire to put out some smaller written pieces I’ve decided to put these out test …
I’ll be interested to hear what you think, and I’m open to solicit any ideas, theories or ‘hacks or cheats’ you the readers come up with – in fact if their good enough, you can have spot as guest editorial and have your name and words up on here.

… magazine retention …

So, ‘hacks and cheats’ – a term unashamedly plagiarized from the ‘gaming’ world, this series takes a short brief look at few little things I’ve adopted and picked up along the way.
Applicable not only to Plastic Deth but many translate or rather crossover to everyday life too …

Electrical Shrink Wrap

So, first up ‘Electrical Shrink Wrap‘.

Commonly used to cover or replace worn or damaged sheathing over wires has many other practical uses.

All that’s needed is a sharp pair of scissors, a ruler, a lighter and of course the correct gauge shrink wrap. All that’s really needed now is your imagination !!!

… lanyards …

I was always dismayed that upon purchasing say for example a high end Soft Shell, and unless it was pre furnished with stitched or plastic pull tabs on zippers, the mini Para-Cord pull tabs where either loosely affixed, or not properly cinched off.
Here, I’ve pretty much gone along a wide variety of garments, including bags and pouches and upon applying the correct gauge ‘shrink wrap’ (it needs to be slightly oversized) slip it over the knot, and indirectly gently warm a few inches away until it tightly shrinks around your cord tab.

… tidy up bungee shock cord …

This stops the not only the knot coming loose, if correctly measured, seals away excess loop which can become snagged or caught. Furthermore, particularly when hands are gloved it makes the operation of zippers and closures easier.

Plus, I think it looks smart and gives a little respite to items that subject to the damp may rot or distress.

A good friend of mine even suggested certain colors can be selected, particularly on pouches to denote contents – such as IFAK’s and First Aid kits, red or green perhaps ?

I’ve also taken to applying this to the ends of bootlaces. Even the best of boots, the vinyl covering eventually brakes off, leaving the lace prone to burring and unthreading – sealing the ends with heat shrink extends their longevity and makes em’ all the easier to rethread through the boots eyelets.

… boot laces …

Whilst most certainly neither the originator or innovator, I’d certainly wager I’m a progenitor of such a ‘hack’.

… shrink wrap everything !!!

It’s not only furthered the lifespan of gear, improved upon its functionality but also propagated good admin and thus allows me to either concentrate or enjoy what I’m doing when using such equipment.
This ultimately, if like me your out laying your hard earned ‘per diem’  and want to get a little extra mileage from your gear and kit is invaluable – S23


Our very good friends over at T.A.C.T. Belgium filmed this little video, post reading our article and proves to be a great visual tutorial – check it out here: https://youtu.be/PR_g2dfBceU

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One thought on “S23 ‘Plastic Deth’ – Life Hacks Pt. I

  1. Awesome info man, please keep these coming! I’m going to use these tips as I’m fed up of my zipper tags coming undone! So will be trying these out!

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