Project Delta Whiskey & S23FAMILIA PTW Collaboration T-Shirt ‘Fortune Favors The Brave’

Project Delta Whiskey & S23FAMILIA PTW Collaboration T-Shirt ‘Fortune Favors The Brave’


We’ll start at the beginning and do a little history revision …

Over nearly ten years ago I took up Plastic Deth, and almost immediately set upon assembling the then current United States Infantry Load Out.

Initially as the months turned into years, in just under 36 months my gears had almost reached, minus a few minor details and alterations based on function over form – a satisfactory level of perfection.
However, in those heady days of pursuing a screen accurate Load Out – the performance and expectation towards performance of my Blasters (a mix of AEG’s, GBBR’s) had been sorely neglected and up until Tokyo Marui released their first NGRS/EBBR platform – which as fate would have was a SOPMOD – I’d to a lesser degree found myself outgunned – naturally Marui’s NGRS for the most part leveled the field and put in fair fighting position.

But, arriving on the scene where – highly tuned, engineered and perfected PTW’s by none other than renowned ‘Gun-Smith’ Anthony G, otherwise affectionately known as ‘Tackleberry‘.

Now, for not for one second get me wrong, I still stand by the incredibly viable evolutionary platform Marui brought out, which to this day proves popular and dominants gaming fields the globe over – but these ‘PTW’s‘ where, out ranging, consistently and accurately everything else on the field – even giving a few high sniper platforms a run for their money …

Fate would have it, good friend Chris M was leaving the past time behind for fantastic employment opportunities in sunnier climes – and offered up his PTW – as built by Tackleberry himself.
Nearly ten years, later – and virtually in stock form, aside from a few cosmetic upgrades and accessories – it’s become synonymous with the blog as it has with my exploits across the United Kingdom.

It’s seen no less than seven Ai500’s – performing solidly in rain swept forests, frozen tundra, dusty disused quarries and searing heat consistently reaching out to targets at an exceptionally generous range – averaging from shot to shot on good quality BB – 315 FPS …

Whilst fastidiously maintained, regularly cleaned – it’s picked up from years of hard use, scuffs, scrapes and patina that just can’t be replicated other than from just simply getting out there and ‘doing it live’ …

So, aside from being a trademark and oft sighted blaster serving me for nearly over ten years of Plastic Deth – my PTW has been, in its iconic SOPMOD configuration, now immortalized as the back print of the first official S23 FAMILIABeer Mat‘ shirt …

Such imagery – for me personally represents much of the ethos behind the blog, our community and what Plastic Deth has come to mean to not just me, but you the all important readers, the S23FAMILIA.
Borrowing aesthetically the as then qpopularized ‘Creepster’ font and ‘slime green’ from the late great Dimebag Darrell of my much beloved Pantera – I initially came up with what was to be the initial rough designs for a shirt …

Sadly, my amateurish and frankly lacking availability of proper technology to bring the design up a professional standard saw this project stumble at the very first hurdle !!!

Upon immediate initial release I was contacted by the original shirt web store that sadly – imagery supplied was just not up to standard to produce a printable product of any real quality – I may just yet get one printed up for posterity, just see what the ‘MOD 0’ variant would look like …

Fate would have, just before the post releasing the shirt was taken down – very good friend Dan W from Project Delta Whiskey, who we’d already formed a collaborative partnership with – offered to not only pick up the project, but better yet rework the X-Ray art from the original photograph and host the shirt through the PDW web store.
I was hardly going to refuse such fortuitous good luck, and agreed in a heartbeat.

Mere days later Dan had been toiling hard, utilizing his considerable design and illustrative skills to deliver something far truer and closer to form – quite frankly beyond my wildest expectations.

It got better, Dan always being one step ahead of the game to offer not only the original ‘Slime Green’ Plastic Deth variant – but the more striking and crisp aesthetics in white and subtly a charcoal grey variant with white/ash print too !!!

Dan worked endlessly using the reference material and photographs supplied to capture much of the detail, patina and little nuances that are synonymous with this blaster. Often painstakingly reworking them to capture them in a printable high resolution format to work alongside today’s advances in printing technology.

It’s Surefire M951 w/IR filter, LA5, Wilcox mounted Aimpoint, and CTR stock are amongst many other details have all been superbly captured and rendered here without missing a beat. 

The choice is yours, now you can show your #ogpunkrockhardcoreplasticdeth pride, and proudly sport one of three ‘official’ S23FAMILIA shirts.
Printed on high quality and durable regular fit shirts, this unique ‘beer mat’ crest short sleeve t-shirt design features our original logo on the left side of the chest. This t-shirt is available in three different color ways, and features the S23 ‘Blaster’ back print. 

Featuring PDW’s trademark skull and interior collar instructions this is a stunning collaboration I’m proud to share with you all – S23

Project Delta Whiskey & S23FAMILIA PTW Collaboration T-Shirt ‘Fortune Favors The Brave’ Get Em’ here:

**Project Delta Whiskey & S23FAMILIA PTW Collaboration T-Shirt ‘Fortune Favors The Brave’ Now Availble**

Available now in S, M, L, XL, and 2XL in Black or Grey:

Exclusively available through Project Delta Whiskey – we are proud to collaborate with S23 Golf Mike to bring out the official S23Familia tee feature the ‘beer mat’ and ’08 PTW shirt synonymous with the blog.

Based on his Block I blaster this shirt captures the ethos behind his community based readership that has collectively united the DIY hardcore ethos behind the very best of ‘Plastic Deth‘ the globe over. 

Printed on a high quality blend of 65% Ringspun Cotton and 35% Elastane, this tailored fit tee is well fitted on the arms, stopping short just above half-way of the elbow, and slightly longer in length than our other tee’s available. Premium quality deserves premium care … but don’t feel the need to wash with care. These still maintain the rough and ready desires from the user that our products have obtained over our lifetime. Less than 10% shrinkage on tumble-dried activities, these t-shirts are here to stay.

If you’re looking for a visually striking piece of apparel that will have you standing out in the crowd no matter where you go, the S23/PDW Fortune Favours the Brave T-Shirt is for you. Intentionally distressed for that vintage look, this hardcore punk -inspired shirt is a proud addition to your gear locker that proudly carries the S23Familia and PDW ethos.

 This is the second in the Project Delta Whiskey vintage collection in collaboration with S23 Golf Mike 75. The shirt features a Lycra and cotton ribbed crew neck for your comfort and is available in a number of sizes and colors to suit any build and personality.

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