Keepin’ It Real – Spotlight and Review Pt II on Scott Country’s Cannae Pro Gear ‘The Centurion 1/2 Zip Pullover

Keepin’ It Real – Spotlight and Review Pt II on Scott Country’s Cannae Pro Gear  ‘The Centurion 1/2 Zip Pullover

Back to Business, Temporarily …

As some of you may already gathered, or even read on the S23 Facebook page, I’m taking a break, and as such putting all of this on a much needed hiatus.
Sure at some point, I’ll be back, when I’m ready and put the whole show back on the road.
But, in the interim – as I wrap up for the year I’ve a few more pieces that require my attention, and I’ll work through these at a pace and tempo that’s desirable to me.

Cannae’s ‘The Centurion 1/2 Zip Pullover

So, onto business in hand, and I’m here to review Cannae Pro Gears ‘The Centurion’ 1/2 Zip Performance Pullover.

We’d recently enjoyed reviewing and giving Cannae’s ‘The Phalanx’ a thorough overview and as such now turn our attention to this piece, from their extensively growing range of apparel.
Essentially, in its most basic interpretation it’s an iteration of the venerable soft shell. Whilst not quite designed or expected to perform perhaps in general terms of other jackets specifically with the brief as outlined, or rather coined by the designation ‘soft shell’ it does offer many similar qualities, performance and even a few little positive differences which actually in some respects should afford The Centurion it’s own designation.

What does that mean in layman’s terms ?
Well, whilst it affords reasonable protection against the elements, such as wind, frost and even considerable precipitation – it’s fabricated from materials traditionally not used by more traditional ‘soft shell’ jackets.
Ergo, they’ve opted here for a more contemporary and technical suite of materials which when combined, not only offer protection from the elements, but dry faster when it truly does become saturated, and you’d be surprised just how heavy the rain has to be before The Centurion accepts defeat. 

But, the breathable fabric expels moisture actively and thusly drys quicker and reverts instantly back to its repellency …
It’s lower torso is also lined and as such traps warmth and is a superb performer for assisting in keeping you comfortable when temperatures drop.

Good Lookin’ Out

But, before we discuss these in further detail, initial impressions on appearance, cut, fit and form.
Without a stitch or seam out of place, The Centurion surely looks the part, and its inimitable black non reflective subdued colorway looks sublimely menacing, sleek and aggressively athletic in cut and form.
However, in complete contrast, as eye pleasingly cool as it looks to me, a long time fan boy and aficionado of tactical gear and apparel, it truly and equally is at home on the street or office space as it is on the ‘proverbial’ battle field.
It in a word looks smart, comprehensive and devoid of needless accessories is a subtly essential addition to any enthusiasts gear locker without needlessly drawing attention to yourself.
Even Cannae’s logo, whilst proudly taking pole position on the upper right corner of the shells torso is subdued.
As such, I’ve utilized this in a myriad of conditions, and more importantly over broad variety tasks.
Everything from duty at work, late night in game to more spells at work at height and plunging temperatures.
It’s also seen everyday wear to and from the store, frosty early morning runs to casually relaxing out in the autumnal ‘patrols’ with my youngest …

The end result has been the same, even taking a few scuffs and knocks along the way from some fairly abusive wear, it has retained its fit, form and function admirably.
It’s attracted admiring respect on immediate appearance in the office, but overt enough it’s not attracted unwanted attention when worn elsewhere as ‘unauthorized non issue kit’.

The arms, shoulders and chest material is made from a durable wind-resistant poly soft shell to absorb the tough contact while the body is made of a super soft breathable poly micro-fiber. Plus, a bit of flexible spandex is added throughout for tactical maneuverability with everyday comfort.

It’s non reflective exterior has, perhaps more decisively won my admiration as it’s effectively aided concealment and camouflage when out at a recent ‘Night Game’ – and whilst by no means IR defeating, it certainly offered considerable additional concealment when coupled with my favored ‘low light’ camouflage, my ‘Woodland’ M81 G3 patterned pants …

… micro fleeced lining …

As simple and streamlined as the Centurion is, you’d nary expect or immediately spot or even be aware of some of its features.
I’m 6ft tall, a 42″ chest and if memory serves a 16″ collar, which inordinately long arms, I often have to scale up to an XL cut, as I’m often left wanting at the cuff, particularly when I extend my arms. 

Here, Cannae have actually put in considerable homework and R&D’d a set of dimensions which happily straddle both an atheistically athletic performance cut and style, whilst not not comprising on an all round generous fit and form.
It’s either serendipity or ingenious development but this goes a long way to assisting when combining this with other outer layers, as it sleek profile gives a good space between the outer layer to trap warmth – conversely it’s loose enough to accommodate with ease either a base layer, or even a tee and a shirt with out building up excessive heat …


Extreme situations call for high performance technical apparel gear. Engineered for maneuverability and flexibility, The Centurion Performance Pullover provides the active operator an ideal alternative for any scenario. 

It’s essentially of a two part construction, using a power stretch zippered upper across the top of the chest, shoulders and arms, which offers a slightly more resistive posture against any LBE, Armor or Packs you may use, more over its this portion which truly offers shelter from rain and the wind.
The lower portion, a far more softer twill, with a very giving elasticity is lined with a breathable micro fleece inner, which offers great control for trapping warmth and maintain core temperature.
It’s collar is structured and fitted cut, zippered to allowing don and doffing with ease, and when the wind picks up secures closely up and around just below the chin and high around the back of the neck to keep out the cold.
It’s worth noting the YKK zips are rubberized with an affixed cap, and the feature a small overlapping cuff when fully closed to house the zip out securely of the way.

 Features include easy-entry left arm zipper pocket, elbow patches for additional durability, generous patch fields on both arms to customize your identification. Spandex binding at cuffs helps keep the heat in and the cold out.

Shoulders, Arms, and Chest made of Durable wind-resistant Soft Shell

Body is a breathable micro-fiber poly

Left Arm Zipper Pocket

Patch Fields on Both Arms

Spandex Trim at Cuffs

I’m a fan, and whilst I don’t give marks out of ten this is a worthy contender for your hard earned cash. It’s can be sought out for a little as $49.95 (£38.15 at the time of going to print) if you know where to look on line, hint just type in ‘Cannae The Centurion‘ into your browser …

As such, it’s been proudly added to the gear locker, and has rarely been a day without use since it landed on my desk.
If I had any criticisms, they’d be either moderately driven towards the aesthetic – the inner collars sweat panel, where the size and washing instructions are housed are on a rather gaudy grey urban camouflage print, think how amazing it’d be to have an M81 or Multicam panel, hell, even UCP would really killer …
The only over criticism I’d offer is the spandex trim on the cuffs, whilst superb and has without compromise held its stitching, for assurance and perhaps longevity should be double stitched, but it’s a minor quibble and has not failed yet.
To push it out on a high note, and I’d argue others should take heed, the Velcro fields on both arms have ‘merrowed’ borders. This prevents wear and tear, secures the Velcro field and is far more covert and professional in fit and finish. Right, I’m off to get a coffee, and yes you guessed it, I’m taking The Centurion with me – S23

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