Fearless Vampire Killers – SureFire™ 6P Original (6P-BK)

Fearless Vampire Killers – SureFire™ 6P Original (6P-BK)

Let’s start at the beginning.

This SureFire™ 6P-BK ‘Original’ was sitting alone, in the dark of a locker, long forgotten and not working.

Not even a new fresh set of batteries were going to bring this torch back to life.

A quick search later on the World Wide Web and stopping by the exceptionally informative SureFire™ home page, and after a few quick tutorials I was able to trouble shoot one of several problems, obstacles to overcome, to bring this torch back to life …

You too can take a look at SF’s FAQ page right here for several troubleshooting solutions and maintenance: https://www.surefire.com/faqs

Repair and Maintenance

1) First up was the key test, using any metal key, placing the tip of which, with the tail cap removed, in the middle of the inserted batteries whilst resting the edge against the main assembly’s threads will either cause the torch to illuminate, which would indicate a tail cap fault. Or if failing to illuminate indicating a damaged or faulty bulb.

2) However, before purchasing either a new tail cap or replacement bulb, it is recommended that several maintenance procedures are followed, not the least in the very first instance the installation of fresh batteries.

What needs to be applied here is a little work cleaning and restoring the actual physicality of the torch back to its original form.

I first gently removed both ‘o-rings’ and whilst cleaning the rest of the torch left them to soak in the cap of a high end silicone spray. Reason for removal was simply that to clean the threads I was to use a vehicle grade alcohol wipes to clean the threads and tail caps interior and spring.

It was clear that some calcified deposits had built up around the main assembly’s threads to which the tail cap is applied. I can presume this is possibly leakage for older corroding batteries. Using a little DW40 this was easily brushed off and cleaned away, wiping any excess DW40 with a little ply, I set about cleaning the threads of any dirt, grime and grease.

This needs to be done on both threads on the main assembly, in side the the lamps housing, the bezel and using a small flat headed screwdriver you can push the wipe gently in and around the tail caps sprung switch assembly to clean the thread.

Essentially what we are looking at is to get the torches battery housing not only as clean, dirt and grease free but as dry as possible to provide a good uninterrupted connection when turning the torch on or off.

Once satisfactorily cleaned and purged of dirt the o-rings where put back in place.

3) Whilst I was here doing a little domestic ‘house keeping’ attention was turned to the bezel and gave the lens a good clean inside and out with quick spray of lens cleaner

4) Now, in this instance I was quietly confident that both the tail caps functionality and the torches integrity was good to go, and in this instance had already a new SF P60 bulb – and upon installation it roared to life.

However, after a little additional cleaning, some intermittent issues where quickly ironed out – and if anything emphasizes just how clean your SF’s interior likes to be.

5) Last but not least, I’ve learned that it’s well worth ensuring you’ve screwed the bezel housing the P60 lamp assembly on as tight possible, using a soft cloth, and wrenching the betzel on gives not only a secure solid fit, but give that 100% connection which reassuringly gives you peace of mind that the beam will fire time after time.


The SureFire 6P ‘Original’ was introduced as a successor to the previously released ‘Classic’ – whilst essentially the same torch, several cosmetic changes where introduced.

Improvements to the light assembly, an anti roll bezel and lockout tail cap.

The body has now flat surfaces on either side of the bodies main assembly, here the iconic SF’s logo is laser etched.

The torch it’s self, having been redirected from certain doom has roared back to life. It’s snappy and reliable function, solid build and robust form have made it a firm favorite.

It’s compact size and intuitive use inspire confidence and with the above cleaning and maintenance knowledge gleaned from SF’s web page, I think this torch will be going strong for many, many years to come …

The beam gives a solid 40° beam, and at punchy 120 lumens has no issues cutting through the gloom and murk of even dark and misty or blizzard conditions.

The beam is so strong that gives good peripheral illumination over a wide area too.

It’s robust construction and aircraft grade Aluminum which is Anodized make for an aggressively solid affair.

It has two modes of operation, with the tail caps fully locked its permanently on, or with a twist the two indents aligned, a turn or two up from the locked on position you can use the pressure switch momentarily activate.

Light Type: Handheld

Body Type: Straight

Voltage/Source: 6V / 2 x Duracell DL123A Lithium Battery or 2 x SureFire CR123 Lithium Battery

Lamp Assembly:

Standard: P60 Hi-Pressure Xenon (65 lumens)

Optional: P61 Hi-Pressure Xenon (120 lumens)

Rated Runtime:

With P60: 60 minutes

With P61: 20 minutes

Body Construction: Aluminum

Body Finish: Type II Anodizing

Primary Production Color: Black

Switch: Tail mounted. Press for momentary, twist for constant-on

Year(s) of Production: 2001 – Present

Length: 5.2 inches (132 mm)

Body Diameter: 1.0 inch (25.4 mm)

Bezel Diameter: 1.25 inches (31.8 mm)

Weight: 5.2 ounces (147 grams)

Last but not least – SF V70 Combat Holster

After a little care and restoration bringing the torch, or rather resurrecting it back from the dead.

It seemed unfair to have it careless rolling around in my day sack, or needlessly attacked by keys and change in my pocket.

But rather, intuitively have the torch belt mounted, where it can be securely stored and instantly retrieved and deployed on demand as required – hey, that sounds like a holster !!!

Surefire have lavishly produced in high impact ballistic nylon a sprung holster which can be installed either downward or upright on a belt or utilizing some other mounting options on LBE, Plate Carriers or Day Sacks etc …

Supplied with a three piece assembly ‘Belt Spacer’ (which is quite frankly ingenious) allows not only for the V70 to be used on smaller width belts, but also clamps the holster securely, but also aids a snappy draw and prevents the holster moving along the length of the belt.

It is, in my humble opinion a mandatory accessory to ensure protective carriage of your torch, and if your life depends on it, intuitive and easy to use too – S23

**ORDER YOUR Mk 1.5 ‘Beer Mat’ 2018 Anniversary Patch**

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Order the classic ‘Beer Mat’ Cloth Patch – now, new, improved, and rejuvenated for 2018 we are proud to offer the limited Mk 1.5 ‘Beer Mat’ classic edition for 2018. Strictly Limited run to only 100 pieces, only a maximum of two patches per order – never to be repeated.

This is a redesigned variant of the original Mk I ‘Beer Mat’ originally produced by ToySoldier for us, which was subsequently put out as a ‘give away’ – the original patches went as far as Finland, Norway, Japan, Australia, United States, Canada, Germany, France, Belgium, Denmark, Poland, Sweden and of course all over the United Kingdom – S23

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