Creeping Deth – HiWez’s Helikon ‘Polish GROM Chameleon’ from TacOps Gear.DE

Creeping Deth – HiWez’s Helikon ‘Polish GROM Chameleon’ from TacOps Gear.DE

Quite possibly needing little to no introduction HiWez has been around for a little while, building a staggeringly notorious legion of loyal followers with his incredible illustrations. The populist ‘Tactical Teddy’ series uniquely parodying, with a lot of love renowned figures within the ‘Plastic Deth’ community as well as SF units from around the globe.

Predominantly working out his finished designs digitally, having originally sketched and worked out traditionally – these get brought screaming to life, often offering the end user some modularity digitally.

As HiWez recently explained:

… It’s not only your tactical kit that should be modular.

Make your digital art modular!

I recently put this example together to show a client how I structure my illustrations and thought it might actually be interesting to show you fine people too.

Almost all of my illustrations are made up of complete sections.

This makes it easy for me to move things around or rescale things if something needs adjusting, or to fully drop out or change an element if I need to without needing to erase and re-illustrate things that could have been avoided.

These kinds of lessons or tips are great to know if you’re starting out in the world of digital illustration. Make your illustrations modular to give yourself the opportunity to make little adjustments.

It can make all the difference.

Anyhow, the design that really caught my eye, spotted at the recent IWA show in Germany was HiWez’s collaboration with TacOps Gear.DE – the truly stunning Polish GROM ‘Chameleon’ featuring gear selected from Helikon’s extensive catalogue of Cordura and Hardware.

This PVC patch aside from showing HiWez’s stunning design, clutching an iteration of the M4 and Trident, with NV’s casting that all too familiar ‘green eyed’ glow on the amphibious peepers – this design sports:

Helikon’s Mathilda Back Pack

Helikon’s Dump Pouch

Helikon’s Cobra Belt

Helikon’s Mini Medic Pouch

This variant is the limited Collectors Edtn.

Supplied with Art Card, Vinyl Sticker of the GROM ‘Chameleon’ and one of HiWez’s other designs too.

All beautifully packaged and sent in an ‘up armored’ box too, certainly testament to TacOp’s commitment to customer service.

As you can see I was in receipt of No. 61/100 and the ‘limited’ sets are going fast. Avail not as these are also available as a stand alone un numbered patch too.

You can get yours here from TacOps Gear.DE here:

… and you can check out HiWez’s stunning art here on IG:

Plaster your ‘Blaster Cases’ stocks, kit and gear or coffee mugs with hard wearing S23 Familia Sticker pride

Each Sticker set contains:

• x 1 S23 Ranger Diamonds sticker

• x 1 S23 Beer Mat sticker

• x 1 S23 ‘Rated Plastic Deth’ ESRB sticker

• x 1 S23 ‘Plastic Deth’ sticker

• x 1 S23 ‘Mystery’ sticker

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