Peace Sells … Tacbelts UK Spotlight

Peace Sells – Tacbelts UK Spotlight


“In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil’s might – Beware my power-Green Lantern’s light!”

Whilst on the way to work today, taking a lazy detour to pick up a fresh hot cup of joe I received a great message from good friend Jules aka W-12 from the old WannabeForum days. In fact he was instrumental in its inception and as it’s already be widely reported the Wannabe Forum was key in inspiration for this very blog.

If you so wish you can read his interview from a few years back right here An interview with Zero Positive

Whilst we talked about the London Bridge Trading 8000A Day Sack review he’d just finished reading over breakfast, as well as the golden era of the Wannabe Forum, as well as work, weddings and diets – the conversation drifted over to patches !!!

Jules was after some more ‘professional’ Call Sign Patches, specifically W-12 to posthumously commemorate his time on the forum and of course spent in the pursuit of ‘PlasticDeth’ (SIC) …

Tacbelts UK

Of course there was one name, who been popping up across my desk with break neck frequency – Tacbelts UK – who naturally I recommend to W-12

Andy over at Tacbelts has been going for a little while now, but as a relative new face across social media has very quickly garnered the attention of many well respected luminaries Dan from ATRG, Jimmy over at No.1 Jimmy Pieas well as a few ‘anonymous’ high profile ‘customers’ …

He’s not only built a reputation for high quality work, using authentic color ways and camouflage patterns in Cordura, but as is industry standard, uses 3M IR reflective backing, CyFlect and even the option of bordering designs with ‘Night Glow’ material …

What’s even more astounding is his very competitive prices, superb communication and advice on options and designs. But wait, there’s more – whilst dependent on size and number of patches, his turnaround on projects is no less than stellar …

Jules ordered three patches, one standard, one IR and one CyFlect patches early this morning after I’d sent over the link. By mid afternoon the work was completed and exampled on his IG account …

Now, I rarely swear, but no more f**kin’ about I dropped him a message with haste mid afternoon, requesting two new S23 Call Sign Patches – one in Multicam with IR backing and a second S23 patch in MulticamBlack with IR backing and ‘Night Glow’ bordering – less than 45 minutes later I’m in receipt of a completed work photograph and shipping in the AM …

It really doesn’t get better than that !!!

Tacbelts also produce not only patches, but belts, slings, suppressor covers …

… head bands for ear pro and comm’s sets, artisanal ancillary products. Custom pouch work and more …

And whilst I’ve never really taken to them some really well produced ‘industrial’ mesh face protection, so good in fact, I’d consider a set f’sure …

One item that really has caught my eye, is a custom reversible ‘Thin Blue Line’ patch subdued IR& CyFlect reversible Union Jack patch that surely would look great on my ‘duty’ Plate Carrier

In the meantime head on over to his Instagram account here at Tacbelts UK Instagram

And his Facebook page here Tacbelts UK Facebook… and tell him we sent you – S23


Restocking stickers, back by popular demand and now with

an all new additional variant sticker – get em’ here:


Plaster your ‘Blaster Cases’ stocks, kit and gear or coffee mugs with hard wearing S23 Familia Sticker pride

Each Sticker set contains:

• x 1 S23 Ranger Diamonds sticker

• x 1 S23 Beer Mat sticker

• x 1 S23 ‘Rated Plastic Deth’ ESRB sticker

• x 1 S23 ‘Plastic Deth’ sticker

• x 1 S23 ‘Mas Grey’ NSW sticker

• x 1 S23 ‘S23 Deth’ Skull

• x 1 ‘Mystery’ sticker variant A*

• x 1 ‘Mystery’ sticker variant B*

(*whilst stocks last)


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