… Who’s Buying – Tacbelts UK Incremental Update

… Who’s Buying – Tacbelts UK Incremental Update

… in a short but sweet update, rather than redux our original Peace Sells … Tacbelts Spotlight – I thought I’d get out and get some quick photographs of my new S23 patches from Tacbelts and as they’re so good I put in a third order. The man is a machine, this too was turned around in true ‘speed metal’ fashion and arrived only a mere day after the two S23 patches had dropped.

Blend In

As you can see, the first S23™ Callsign perfectly blends in against the Wild Things Soft Shell Tweave in Multicam™.

Needless to say perfectly equal and laser cut straight with tight and tidy stitching the 3M Solar IR backer peaks through the stenciled font perfectly. Bound to MilSpec Hook, it securely attaches to your chosen Loop Velcro attachment point …

The Thin Blue Line

So, to say I’m impressed doesn’t quite cut it, these are far beyond superb, so pleased in fact I immediately reached out to Andy at Tacbelts UK for a very special third piece. Not so much for fun, but a special requirement for at work, when on duty. It was to be a UnionJack with the ‘Thin Blue Line‘ through it …

… and drawing inspiration from images of SOF and in particular 75th Rangers I opted for Hook bordering so I could switch between the ‘Hi-VisPhotoluminescent side and the more subdued ‘3M IR Blackout‘ on the reverseside …

Suffice to say he’s knocked it out of the park again and I’m sure he’ll be in receipt of requests for more of these very soon …

… staggering to think, such is his ability to visualize the customers brief and subsequently realize it and get it shipped within a mere few hours is truly testament to not only his professionalism, but commitment to customer satisfaction, I’ll be wearing this with no end of pride.

Last but not least the second patch ordered from Tacbelts is possibly the most stunning of the pair, in Multicam™ and with ‘Night Glow’ bordering – whilst this will provide for a more covert visual signature – when attached to bags and cargo it’ll be quickly located with a flash of my trusted Surefire, LLC 6P Blk …

Naturally, I’ll urge you to go give Tactbelts UK a follow over at their pages here at Tacbelts UK FB and Tacbelts UK IG account too …

I’ll leave you with a few more shots of his stunning patches – S23


Restocking stickers, back by popular demand and now with

an all new additional variant sticker – get em’ here: http://s23familia.bigcartel.com/product/s23-familia-stickers


Plaster your ‘Blaster Cases’ or stocks, kit and gear even coffee mugs with hard wearing S23 Familia Sticker pride

Each Sticker set contains:

• x 1 S23 Ranger Diamonds sticker

• x 1 S23 Beer Mat sticker

• x 1 S23 ‘Rated Plastic Deth’ ESRB sticker

• x 1 S23 ‘Plastic Deth’ sticker

• x 1 S23 ‘Mas Grey’ NSW sticker

• x 1 S23 ‘S23 Deth’ Skull

• x 1 ‘Mystery’ sticker variant A*

• x 1 ‘Mystery’ sticker variant B*

* (*whilst stocks last)


2 thoughts on “… Who’s Buying – Tacbelts UK Incremental Update

  1. I can’t praise his work enough… I’ll soon be in receipt of my 4th order from this guy in as many months… outstanding little business with a massive potential

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