Good Lookin’ Out – Stretch Tactical and Back Country Workshop Spotlight

Good Lookin’ Out – Stretch Tactical and Back Country Workshop Spotlight

Short overview of some excellent new products released this week.

It’s great to see good people take the first foray for real in to the world of product design and bring it to the masses – always great to support local and see that ‘hardcore diy’ ethic still lives too …

First up, perhaps make familiar to many of you, hot off the heels of his Mk II PVC patch Stretch Tactical have collaborated with Neptune Designs to bring a new range of UKSF inspired designs …

The first being the popular and arguably now iconic L119a2 platform, stunningly presented in X-ray format.

However options are always good, and they’ve released the above shirt in tandem with another populist piece of equipment – following on with the X-ray theme the second shirt features the ubiquitous Ops Corereplete with Comm’s, NVG’s and strobe …

Both shirts proudly display StretchesTactical’s ‘Varsity inspired logo on the rear and are printed on high quality tee’s with a very broad selection of sizes and fits for both men and women …

You can head over to his store and grab yourselves one of these over at his web store.

Stretch Tactical Online Store:

Next up, and quite possibly no stranger to many of you – Back Country Workshophas been steadfastly producing no end of excellent Kydex items such as knife sheafs and holsters as well shirts, apparel and of course the essential item you should all have on your key chain – his brand new bottle opener …

As there web bio aptly describes: We develop and design equipment, apparel and promote a lifestyle for the military, athletic, crossfire and outdoors enthusiast, as well as providing consultants for these areas to the commercial world. We are a veteran owned business and take pride in everything that is produce here in the cave.

This caught my eye trawling through the feed of several social media accounts, and boasting a design based on his Bearded Ball Cap logo, it’s not only a stunning piece but fully functional as an Every Day Carry ‘bottle opener’ – due for release imminently, it would appear these will be offered in a matte black finish and distressed copper ‘acid dipped’ variant.

Of course supporting quality home grown gear is always great, but yet in picking one of these up is a sound investment, as you’ll be supporting a former Royal Marine, as you well know the Corps is very close to my own families heart – check out Back Country’s store right here:


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