Balance The Odds Pt. V – an interview with Hermes Medical

Balance The Odds Pt. V – an interview with Hermes Medical

So, we’ve interviewed HHK (Hestehovkompaniet) Trident EOD, Arquebus Control Team and of course Sky One from Norway’s stunning RealSim collective Task Force Exorbitance

We round the series with Hermes Medical, by no means last and definitely not least, Hermes are pivotal in keeping the rest of the TF in the fight.
Here we’ll talk through their kits, gears and blasters and these impressionistas Medic and PJ (ParaJump Rescue) inspired load outs, and more importantly their quintessential role within Exorbitance.

S23: Welcome aboard, last but not least it great to round out what’s been an astounding series of interviews with Hermes
Dialing it right back to the beginning, how long have you been playing ‘Plastic Deth‘ (Airsoft) and how did it all start ?
M03: Like most of us, I and my friends in our early teens bought some springer pistols at this local shop that didn’t really care about age, rules and such. We had ‘BB Warz‘ in our backyards, of course this was not accepted by our parents but ever since, I’ve always thought that Airsoft had so much potential, little did I then know what I had in store. 

… the early days …
When I found a local, organized club in early 2013.
I found a few likeminded guys and we went all in with Russian gear, I think it took three months before I went from casual gamer to impressionist.

‘Leeroy Jenkins !!!’ (Now)
I joined ‘Spetsgruppa K‘ and from there I got to know some really cool guys, including HHK.

S23: What was you first taste of the Norwegian RealSim scene, what sort of impact did that have on where you wanted to go ?
M03: I didnt really get into RealSim before I had already gone from Spetsgruppa K and joined TF Exo, what really drove me into this extreme niche was the dedication the other guys had, the constant drive to be better, make the experience better for others and the friendship within the Task Force.

S23: Possibly one of the more eclectic, possibly even difficult load outs to develop and evolve – what inspired the PJ and Medic load outs of Hermes ?
M03: Hermes wanted to fit in with TF Exo, so we started out with the guys from ‘Inside Combat Rescue‘ (National Geographic PJ documentary) and the last year we have been moving towards modern STS (Special Tactics Squadron) just to get our hands on some better gear and follow the timeline with the rest of TF Exo.

S23: How much painstakingly excruciating research did you have to put in ?
M03: Oh my god, you have no idea! I went from Russian gearwhore to AFSOC PJ in like, five months, I had literally no clue on western gear, I hardly knew what a LBT 6094 was. 

Fortunately I had a lot of help from the rest of the Task Force, and they knew that I didn’t know that much on western gear. Asgeir, the founder of Hermes already had a basic kitlist but like the rest of the Task Force, I like to customize my loadout a bit more than the basic kitlist, and make it more effective for our missions. The last year, when we have been moving towards STS, the new guys, M04 and M06 have really made an effort in identifying kit, finding pictures and guiding Hermes the right way, I couldn’t have done it without them.

M03 with a member of Grey Group

Special Tactics Squadrons consist of Special Tactics Officers, Combat Controllers, Combat Rescue Officers, Pararescuemen, Air Force Special Operations Weather Technicians, Air Liaison Officers, Tactical Air Control Party operators, and a number of combat support airmen which comprise 58 Air Force specialties.
S23: Now, for the most part, I’d imagine much of your medical expertise and its application is simulated and undoubtedly brings a very new dynamic to RealSim events – is this immersion possibly something that more events should explore. I’d imagine it adds no end of tone and tempo to the proceedings?
M03: Most definitely! Strict medic rules changes the whole dynamic to the event! 

Everyone should be afraid to get hit, and getting hit should have consequences for the rest of the team, even the mission, and having dedicated medics should be rewarded. When TF Exo participate in events with simple medic rules, we play with RealSim rules just to heighten our own experience, and possibly guys around us also …
S23: … and how much of your ‘in game medical care’ is counterpointed by real world first aid and medical care, I’d imagine any knowledge, even routine basic first aid would prove to be invaluable for the environments you often find yourselves in ?
M03: The average Airsoft player is not in always average shape, lets face it, and when an average player runs sround in the woods, injuries are bound to happend, so yeah, some basic first aid training comes in handy.

 Asgeir serves in the Norwegian military, I myself was a medic in the military and those of us who have got no training or experience in first aid, we teach. 

The pack is a TSSI M9, there are several producers of the same pack, but mine is from Tacops. Its a great pack, slim and low profile – you can carry all the essentials, but not much more. When I served I had a much bigger pack with alot more equipment, but then I did not walk all the time, so it was no big deal. What I really like about the pack is how you can customize it to your needs. You got padded shoulderstraps, but if you dont like them and they get in the way of your weapon, you got these really slim straps attatched to the pack. You got three different inner panels, and you can change every pocket, even rip them out.

We are also a good resource for others around us who may be more skilled than us, since our backpacks are filled with real, relevant first aid supplies.

S23: … it surely must be quite exhilarating, patching up a ‘fallen comrade’ and getting your buddy up and running again all the whilst drawing fire – do you utilize tactics to concentrate on the task in hand while the rest of the team give cover and pull security?

: Yeah, its kind of ‘own safety first’ – Hermes falls, Exo is f****d, so we get some guys to help us get our fallen back behind the line of fire, or we move the line of fire forward so we can reach our guys. In extreme cases where nothing else is possible, we just run as fast as we can towards the fallen. The adrenaline and kick you get when you are reviving a fallen team mate and people are shooting at you or the guys beside you are really something to experience.
S23: Talk us through you personal load out, what modifications and adjustments have you made to improve functionality at events, Skirmishes and RealSim‘ ?

M03: The key factor is weight and access to medical kit, so I have TQ’s in my shoulder pads for quick application, scissors between the kangaroopouch and vest, carabiner hook on the stock to hang the rifle up and away if we are treating someone in a vehicle, my backpack is almost the exact setup as I had in the military so i know every pocket, content e.t.c. for easy, smooth use. Since we dont roll in Blackhawks we pretty much carry everything with us, including litters, IV’s and such so our loadouts are pretty clean, nothing is unnecessary, everything is put to use.

Hermes and other elements of TF Exo

S23: And of course, your blaster – I take it you still use the Marui M4 NGRS as a base platform ?
M03: Yes, we are still using the Marui M4 as our standard platform but as our gear have transitioned to the modern STS PJ Era, so have our rifles. Most of our guys are currently running M4 CQBR with 9.5″ Daniel Defense rails and 10.3″ barrels with up to date accessories. Other than our standard M4’s we have started our reconnaissance loadouts where we’ll be utilizing an M110, SR-25 and M14 EBRS.

S23: … Really appreciate you taking the time out to talk, obligatory last question I always like to ask (kind of a trademark), I’m a fan of 30 Rounds per mag, what’s your thoughts on this – could you see this perhaps bringing something new and fresh to game play if embraced by the masses ? 

M03: definitely, like strict medicrules, lowcaps change the hole dynamic, you have to think before every shot, count rounds, even better, before the event you have had to zero your sights to make every round count – M03

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Huge thanks to M03, and of course to all of Task Force Exorbitance who’ve made this series of interviews such a resounding success. Don’t forget, of course you can catch up with the other four parts right here, and see what role HHK, Trident, Arquebus and Sky One play in TF EXOS23


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