My War -Spotlight on ‘OLD SCHOOL’ Thales MBITR Radio Carrying Case Bag Pouch Black AN/PRC-148

My War -Spotlight on ‘OLD SCHOOL’ Thales MBITR Radio Carrying Case Bag Pouch Black AN/PRC-148

Photo courtesy of Legit-Kit

Backstory …

… earlier this week whilst trawling a few posts from groups and pages I follow, I spotted a piece of gear posted up on the TRI/TCA REPLICA MBITR USERS PAGE – it certainly caught my eye, and as it was posted by good friend Gunnar aka ‘Whoriar‘ who’s our contributing guest editor here today, I gave it a good look.

Not only had he posted up photos, but an exceptionally well written, short but no less sweet review of the item he’d recently acquired.

It’d had certainly piqued my interest, so much so I went and re read it later that day, and was encouraged to ask if he’d allow us to republish it.

He kindly agreed.

Well, what is it – it’s an old school Thales MBITR Radio Pouch/Storage Bag. Best describes as a ‘Carrying Case’ on the tag. These were provided with the PRC-148 MBITR Radios. These can attach to PALS/MOLLE via ALICE Clips. Great piece of kit!

These can be found for a very reasonable price on eBay and as we’ve borrowed a few stock photos from Legit-Kit I’ve included a link to several he has listed here:

Whoriar’s Review

This year I’m planning to write a series of gear reviews for the TCA/TRI Radio group. They might vary in quality and depth, but I hope I can satisfy your interest.

First out, one of the most basic items overlooked by most, the black PRC-148 carrying case.

I love the 148 radio. I have several replicas now, and while one is currently on my kit, the rest is stored in various types of boxes, bags or on the shelf in my closet.

But I found that I needed for a storage and transportation an option that could be both lightweight and versatile.

On eBay I found a pair of original US issue black nylon carrying cases. These fit the radio, a H-250 handset, antenna (both the whip and the blade antenna if you disassemble the gooseneck) a spare battery and a PTT (in this case, I used a PELTOR PTT).

The compartments are snug enough to provide a secure fit, yet roomy enough for small items like a relocation cable or some folded documents. This is ideal for keeping things organised and readily available if you need to grab a spare radio kit during weekend game.

The case has alice clips on the back so it can be used as a pouch on most any type of rigging, belt or webbing.

The main compartment has no less than four clips to secure it. The small compartment at the bottom is perfectly sized for a spare battery and is secured with one additional clip.

The black nylon is heavy duty (I’m guessing 500D) and each compartment has a small drain hole at the bottom. (the were used and popularized by SEALs from NSWS23)

The seams are solid and overall of solid quality as you should expect from a military issue item. I can’t seem to find anything on Google (don’t worry we’ve got you covered bro, as described above –S23) on who makes them but that doesn’t matter I believe when it comes to an item such as this.

For the money, such good value, I can’t understand why you wouldn’t want one to keep things safe and tidy. No replicas of this are made, and I can’t think it ever will when the original is so readily available for a handful of change – Whoriar

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